Research Agenda

My research interests are focused on the intersections of language, culture, and literacy. Currently, I am involved in two ongoing research projects.

Chinese International Students 

The first project is studying how globalization is bound up in a shifting higher educational landscape. Funded by a CCCC Research Initiative Award, I recently published (with Xiaoye You and Xiqiao Wang) a book, Inventing the World Grant University: Chinese International Students' Mobilities, Literacies, and Identities, published by Utah State University Press. This multisited study traces the migration of Chinese international students back and forth on campus at Michigan State University and the Sinoway International Education summer school  in Guanzhou, China. Together, these two sites are imagined as forming part of a global eduscape bound up in the reconfiguration of higher education. More specifically, we examined how students' multilingual (or translingual) and multimodal (or transmodal) literacy practices and identities are shaping and shaped in the context of everyday activities inside and outside school contexts. I am continuing to engage in study of these issues as a Lilly Teaching Fellow (2017-2018). 

​The Israeli High-Tech Ecosystem

A second strand of my scholarship has looked and language and cultural shift within Israeli society, as it moves from the socialist and agrarian ideals of the kibbutz to a capitalist system dominated by globalized high-tech industries. Moreover, accompanying these moves is a shift from Hebrew as the dominant language to a situation in which English is commonplace in many domains. To study these issues, I have conducted studies in classrooms, popular culture, and, most extensively, the Israeli high-tech industry. Drawing on studies of the Israeli workplace--involving observations, interviews, the analysis of texts--I am working towards a book-length manuscript on the Israeli startup ecosystem. I have published a number of articles in this area, including a recent article in a special issue on entrepreneurship for the Journal of Business and Technical Communication. 


In addition to my co-authored book, I have published in College Composition and Communication, Computers and Composition, Technical Communication Quarterly, Journal of Business and Technical Communication, Israel Studies Review, and Kairos.